Mixing Metals Saturday, September 13 2014

Let’s all agree to let our metals disagree!  Mixing metals doesn’t have to be an art form only for the professionals.  Mixing metal finishes in a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere adds depth and texture.  


When clients tell me they need to “only use brushed nickel or stainless steel in our great room b/c our appliances are stainless steel”, I always got some ‘splainin’ to do.  For beginners, start out mixing in some chrome legged barstools in your kitchen with those beautiful stainless appliances.  And I do mean beginners.  At the very least, create some texture in the same color family.

This next photo is not for beginners.

imageWhoa!  This room is advanced and I am panting heavily at a lot of it.

First of all….grey and gold obvi go together like peanuts and butter, but this is on another level.  The silver tall lamps pop so well off the gold wallpaper.  The gold branch sconces actually melt into the wallpaper, so that they are providing less bling and more super yummy crunchy texture and architectural interest.  Then the silver coffeetable with golden glass adornments gets a hearty high five as well.  (Side note: my stepsie Claire says low fives are the new high five and she’s 18, so she’s cooler than all of us.)  So…a mellow, indie low five then.  The art is killing me softly with it’s song too.  Zoom in on the layers of goopy metallic gold paint.  I can’t get behind the use of all the same upholstery furniture, but the gold and silver toned ikat pillows let me forgive that over-match action.  

Well played designer x.  If this is your room, claim it.  You were hiding in the internet somewhere.  Take a bow.  I’ve got a low five for you.

Walking into this kitchen, the first thing I’d say is “Your designer was not afraid.  Wow.”.  They’ve mixed a nickel vent hood and island lights with a dark bronze chandelier, but wait there’s more. That shiny brass hardware took some shiny brass b@lls.  Two solidly low, smooth fives for that action.  The effect is clean and bright with a somewhat vintage feel (two descriptors not normally seen partying together).

The effect of mixing metals is add a spot of unexpected.  It’s like a grandmother’s giggle, a hiccup in the ocean, a diving hawk takes a loop-de-loop on the way to it’s prey.  

Remember, kids.  No rules.  Except that there are no rules.

Love ya mean it,

Jamie Roddy