Rowr! Yeah, you, Tiger!! Just Kidding. Seriously…animal prints... Friday, August 08 2014

Rowr!  Yeah, you, Tiger!!  Just Kidding.  Seriously…animal prints don’t have to be bodacious.  It’s not all Peg Bundy in the tasteful animal print world of décor.  They can actually add a sense of intelligence and lots of texture to a space.  Here's top three reasons why we love Tasteful Animal Prints: 


Animal prints can balance out blocks of solid color.   In other words, your décor needs layers like you have them.  You’re not a static being and neither should be your décor.

The use of tasteful animal prints proves that impeccable taste and a sense of fun are excellent bedfellows.

Animal prints can add a sense of global, world travelled, intelligentsia to an otherwise flat interior.

So, it’s not all about your trite “Wild Side” coming out.  It’s about beautiful design full of textured layers.  You, sexy beast, you.  (wink) 

The gorgeous souls at are available to help you help yourself to wildly beautiful interiors…with our without animal prints.  Hit us up.