Jamie Roddy is the founder and CEO of EdenLA Furniture and Interiors, and has over a decade of experience in designing custom furniture and creating beautiful spaces. She travels the world curating beautiful pieces of furniture and home d├ęcor for www.edenLA.com, as well as for her private interior design clients. These clients find that working with Jamie is almost as rewarding as the final product: living in the perfectly designed home of their dreams.

About creating www.edenLA.com, she explains:

Jamie studied at the graduate level in cultural anthropology and is multillingual. She brings her global and cultural awareness to her client relations, and seeks to act as a conduit for their design desires. About her decorating style, she says: "Every client and project is, of course, totally unique. So I encourage and enable my clients to decorate their home in their own voice, fully expressing their specific version of beauty. I've learned there are an infinite number of ideas about what is beautiful and just as many ways to express it."

Jamie Roddy is a woman with a big smile and a radiant, outgoing personality. Originally from a small town in Texas, she believes everyone is her friend. Intelligent, wildly creative, and genuine, she fills the atmosphere of the gorgeous spaces she creates with a laughter that is as warm and inviting as her interiors.